Which was your favorite Chunin exam move?

Which was your favorite Chunin exam move?

Which was your favorite Chunin exam move?

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  1. Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession Jutsu against Temari. That was smart and also the move that made me appreciate and love the character. This made me (and probably all of us) realize that power isn’t the only factor that will make you win, if you have good brain you could overpower your opponent

  2. Why the hell is nobody talking about the moment kankuro just comes out of the mummy in the back of the doll while it traps his opponent ?

  3. The moment when Lee speeded up with Gaara’s defence and for the first time kick over his head, it gave me goosebumps

  4. I think Naruto transforming into Kiba and then Shikamaru when he gets knocked is pretty underrated

  5. When neji casually reveals he was toying with hinata, having blocked all of her chakra points in her arms. Pure savagery.

  6. No doubt, rock lee removing his weight and that fight, damnnnnnnnn it made this arc so famous.

  7. 8 Gates was pretty damn cool but I always had a soft spot for Shikamaru’s first fight because the conclusion was so out of left field but simultaneously so obvious as well

  8. Lee opening up the gates and Sasuke showing off his speed and using Chidori against Gaara

  9. It has to be a tie between Rock Lee hitting Gaara for the very first time in his life, and Naruto turning Nejis chin into Leafy’s.

  10. Naruto punching Neji was surprise for me but my favorite move, I would go with Shikamaru vs Kin/Temari. He is so fkn smart

  11. Rock Lee vs Gaara is great and surprisingly Shikimaru vs Temari is also good. I really didn’t expect that trick with his shirt and the kunai the first time I watched it.

  12. Probably sasuke using chidori against gaaras impenetrable shield.

    Close is rock lee doing what he excels in .

  13. Kankuro crushing the opponent to death. I remember it being sooo cool. I became a fan of puppeteers. Then Naruto progressed and they got defecated on.

  14. Neji VS Naruto fight was myy favouraite move in the whole of chunin exams where naruto releases a little bit kurama chakra

  15. Seeing Hinata and Neji go at it with the Gentle Fist was pretty dope. Especially given the context of the fight aswell.

  16. Rock Lee all, Neji 8 Trigrams, Sasuke Chidori, Gaara sand encasement(on the mist ninja), Shino exploding the sound ninjas arms. In that order for me.