try to give me a good reason to dislike Sakura

try to give me a good reason to dislike Sakura

try to give me a good reason to dislike Sakura

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  1. Her obsession with Sasuke and then her fake confession to naruto. I think the fanbase wouldn’t even be that upset at her if she actually tries to stop Sasuke by attacking him. Instead she didn’t do anything but cried and actually became a burden

  2. The problem with explaining Sakura’s flaws is she’s already so hated that talking about her devolves into name calling from her most fervent haters and defenders, which makes it harder to be heard when trying to explain why she’s such an astoundingly horribly written character.

    The fact is, Sakura’s entire character revolves around a supposedly hot-blooded, tough girl’s schoolgirl crush evolving into a submissive one-sided relationship with a dickhead. In any other work either her plotline would be tragically getting over him or her being the immovable object that stops his fall to darkness and redeems him, but because Kishimoto gave *that* role to Naruto, Sakura is left a side-character in what should be *her* plotline.

    Sakura’s character arc boils down to her realizing [she’s too weak to stop Sasuke]( to then [beg Naruto to do it for her,]( but later swearing to change, [to become strong herself,]( and after years of agonizing training and emotional turmoil, after giving it her all and pouring her blood sweat and tears into it, it all finally culminates in her… [utterly failing,]( again, [twice,]( before [realizing she should learn her place,]( then failing to stop Sasuke one last time [by begging him in tears not to leave her, while calling herself useless for good measure.]( Thanks, Kishimoto.

    Sakura has less a character arc as she has a character circle. Why Kishimoto chose to write her this way, or what the hell his problem was, I will never know.

  3. So here’s the thing, I have multiple. But I don’t hate her. While people shouldn’t full on hate he, I feel like this mentality isn’t the best because she was VERY 2D at the beginning. She’s been a bitch, but so has everyone.

  4. None, I don’t dislike Sakura. What I dislike is how she was written and the horde of Sakura haters who will flame you for not hating on Sakura.

  5. I actually like her. People got mad that she didn’t corresponded to Naruto, but even with that she always cared for him. In Shippuden she wasn’t obsessed with Sasuke nor even as much as Naruto. She is cool.

  6. Boring fighting style for a main character

    Her in the 5KS arc in general

    Her in part 1 in general

  7. There is a lot of promise with the character and almost if not all of it was dropped. sosori fight was good though.

  8. I don’t get why people dislike her so much. I wonder if it’s just a joke honestly. She isn’t a major part of the book really. The only issue I ever had with her character was when she lied to Naruto about loving him…that was when I started to think that it doesn’t make sense for her to end up with Naruto, she’s gonna end up with Sasuke because she lacks integrity and was willing to betray the leaf for somebody who was entirely against Konoha and didn’t even like or respect her, and it would be below Naruto to be with somebody like that, he’s so pure.

  9. I have no idea why people dislike her so much and reading some of peoples reasons in the comments makes me even more confused. She is one of my favorite characters in Naruto, she became my favorite in Shippunden but I knew from the start that I will like her since I always like pink haired girls. She became so strong at the end, of course not as strong as Naruto and Sasuke but she is only human compared to them. Her fake confession was her trying to stop him from chasing Sasuke and removing his burden, she had good intentions. Also her “hitting Naruto for no reason” is the stupidest reason to hate her, that was made mostly for comefy and not to be taken seriously + she obviously hated ero jutsu and Naruto kept doing it in front of her. Another stupid one is her making fun of him being an orphan, I mean they were kids you can’t blame them for saying stupid things. Also Her obsession with Sasuke is understandable, did u never have a crush on someone? You will do anything for them even if they don’t share the same feelings. I could go on but I think I said enough. Sakura haters are rly worst of this community.

  10. It just goes on and on over and over with the same nonsense. The amount of energy these Sakura haters put into hating a fictional character is unhealthy and they can’t even see it 🤣🤣🤣. Constantly repeating the same thing over and over even though it has been debunked with hard quantifiable data. God help you people 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. She “loves” Sasuke for almost entirely superficial reasons and talked down on Naruto for being an orphan (granted, this was at the academy before they were teammates).

  12. she’s a bitch to naruto the whole anime (yes even in part 2, she never tries to understand him and how he feels. she yells at him for being upset over jiraiya’s death and somehow never comprehends that sasuke’s descent into the darkness affected him too). she also turns on ino because they liked the same boy, even though ino protected her from bullies and became her first true friend. I dont really care about that one though, as she was a very young child. actually I don’t even hate her at all, but I can understand completely why people do. even if people can see past these things too, she’s also just kind of annoying. she’s whiny and could’ve helped more often than she did. (since she’s actually pretty powerful).

  13. People can offer all the opinions they want. Fact of the matter is there is no reason to dislike her. People do it because they were on a bandwagon that was literally based on normal behavior. She was a preteen girl obsessed with the pretty and cool boy with the badboy image. Nothing out of the ordinary about that. She treated Naruto the way she did because he was not cool. Nothing out of the ordinary about that. She saved both their lives several times AND she wasn’t so obsessed when Orochimaru attached that she couldn’t tell Sasuke how weak he was being compared to Naruto. Sakura is a bad ass. The haters just don’t want to admit it

  14. She literally tried to manipulate Naruto instead of telling the truth, then tried to kill Sasuke by herself.

  15. Lol this thread should be called “Tell me you’re an incel without telling me you’re an incel”

  16. Think we have all had a relationship like this were we would do anything for someone we love very much as a brother sister anything I feel they wanted to show how far we as humans can actually love someone! And for Sasukes’ sake I can see from his perspective as a previous addict on wanting something so bad and the people that love you try everything they can to help you but you just don’t listen so I relate to sasuke the most and love Sakura and friends on never giving up on my mans because sometimes we gotta hit rock bottom before we see the light! (Obitos case rock just falls on him)

  17. There arent many reasons to dislike her tbh. Most of the reasons people hate her are just either stupid or exaggerated. People legit still hate her for something she said in the first episodes of Naruto Part 1 (Aka her making fun of Naruto being an orphan) even though she felt bad about it later

  18. It’s all Kishimoto’s fault, Naruto could’ve been brilliant: this is one of many reasons it isn’t, unfortunately. Sakura’s a victim of terrible writing, that’s all there is to it.

    The premise, the message, could’ve been explored better.

  19. Right before the War arc, and note that this took place after Sasuke nearly killed her ass:

    “I’ll be in the Allied Force’s medical team. If both Naruto and Sasuke are down… who do I heal first?”

    She actually was deciding who to save between her best male friend and the dude who almost sliced her throat with a kunai?!

  20. So many sadbois here mobbing against Sakura. Here’s the reason why I like her:

    – She’s stuck in between an empowered character and a damsel in distress situation. Some might see it as a flaw and admittedly a fault of the writer but it’s a good contrast. There’s conflict.

    – She’s the most normal ninja ever. Didn’t come from a nin family. No kekkei genkai. Not unlike the others who basically received one ex machina after the other

    – Despite that, she still became a strong ninja. I believe she has one of the smallest chakra reserves and yet she compensated by being chakra efficient (which was innate in her), and storing (via Tsunade internship)

    – She’s human. She shows flawed emotions. Even the teasing and manipulation are all human. It’s hard to see it in a shounen manga where everyone is just so self righteous.

    – Her kit is fucking amazing. Frontline juggernaut that can also heal? If you play any RPG/MOBA game, that’s OP.

  21. She’s great now. She just had a slow start from the beginning of the series. First impressions are big.

  22. Shes not that bad tbh she just doesnt use her power when its needed only to punch naruto lol

  23. Kishi’s bad female character writing, as well as the fact that she played Naruto a few times just to simp for Sasuke. If she wanted his ass back so bad she shoulda gone and done us all the favor and died trying.

  24. She didn’t destroy obitos eye and was so overconfident that he straight up tried to rush maadara and you know how that turned out