Who have higher Iq?

Who have higher Iq?

Who have higher Iq?

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  1. I mean they are kinda 2 different kinds of smart but I’d say amado simply for the fact that if you can create clones of somebody you probably be known as the smartest person in the world

  2. Who is smarter a physicist or biologist can’t tell but a traditional iq test L would be higher but doesn’t mean he is smarter

  3. Amado is creating >!clones that has alien powers, if anything he’s just as smart as L!< but Amado is not a detective, so I guess they differentiate when it comes to certain types of intelligence and IQ doesn’t mean something at all, it just tells your maximum capability you can use of your intelligence overall, they might be close in that term but their circumstances are different

  4. Two different types of intelligence. One is a science type, the other is a literal detective. But L was defeated, and Lung Cancer hasn’t been defeated yet. We’ll see when his downfall happens.

  5. Let us suppose we leave both of them in Kira Case.

    Where L is Kira and Amado is Playing L’s role

    So without any cyborg would he be able to catch Kira.

    I think no

  6. The death note guy cuz Amado is already know all the stuff about the karma which he solved the case of and read some Otsutsuki scrolls.

  7. Ones a detective and the others a scientist so there kinda smart in different ways so its kind of a toss up