Can this Guy solve the Kira Case?

Can this Guy solve the Kira Case?

Can this Guy solve the Kira Case?

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  1. I feel like Sasuke is the best bet.

    Amado seems to be more academically intelligent, which doesn’t do much in a complicated criminal investigation. It takes more raw deductive abilities, pattern-recognition, having a deep understanding of personalities and motives, predicting behavior, being able to draw together seemingly distinct bits of information, etc.

    Most of Amado’s raw intelligence seems to be in planning and his grasp of biology and technology. Amado would probably make a better Kira, if anything. I feel like Sasuke would probably fair better as the L/N tbh. Or Shikamaru.

    Moreover is strategy and tactics – Amado isn’t a detective, so I don’t know how well he would be able to formulate working strategies to go after Kira.

    I think Sasuke fairs the best because he’s basically the resident detective/investigator of the Leaf village and works alone – which kinda makes him the closest thing they have to a L or N. He isn’t as scientifically sound as Amado (though he has shown he knows his stuff before), but he’s got all the important intellectual qualities. And he’s an actual detective

  2. In the latest manga chapter why did Boruto shadow clone didn’t have karma where as during ishiki battle when borushiki made shadow clone they had karma but this time shadow clone didn’t have karmas? Why? Is it bcoz of Amado pills? Exactly what pills were they? Why the tf shadow clones didn’t have karma? I will be pissed if I got to know that it was just drawing error.