So did amado get Jiraiya from the lake to create his clone?

So did amado get Jiraiya from the lake to create his clone?

So did amado get Jiraiya from the lake to create his clone?

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  1. That’s the most likely possibility, but they could make up some other way for him to have received Jiraiya’s DNA. Jiraiya was a wanderer, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they had met. And we know literally nothing about Amado’s past except that he had a daughter.

  2. Someone had a theory that Amado was from the Rain Village so he could have gotten the DNA from the arm Jiraya lost

  3. There’s a few theories but I think he got it from Oro, he’s the only person I can think of that’d have Jiraiya’s cells and it wouldn’t be stupid since he’s a crazy scientist himself. I feel like Jiraiya wouldn’t just randomly meet since Amado wasn’t allowed to leave Kara’s hideout and there’s a really low chance that Amado would go to the bottom of the lake just for his cells.

  4. I sort of figure Orochimaru had some of Jiraiya’s DNA just lying around. It might explain why the Mitsuki clones all look the way they do.

  5. Amado ????️ig ????️rained a submarine in ninja times and simply sat back watching through his glasses as he “drank coffee” (since it’s an anime discussion(also not a spoiler)) as he had a delta clone control the ship to retrieve the body.

    This is assuming the people advanced by amado couldn’t handle the extreme pressure of the deep sea.

    After so many years, he had to redo the entire body, enhancing it along the way while programming him with jiraya’s intelligence and instead of focusing on perving, his focus became to take down Isshiki while only being prepared by amado to take down jigen at a low chakra percentage.

  6. It seems unlikely, more than likely we might hear or see a flash back where Amado meets Jiraiya on the road and attacks him just to gain some DNA. Amado “fails” and Jiraiya rights it off as a random encounter, but Amado was successful at gaining some of Jiraiyas DNA.

  7. Honestly with the amount of fights all the different ninja have been in where they spilled blood is pretty high so it isn’t that hard to believe that he could get his dna

  8. Its BS that Kabuto wasn’t able to find genetic material for Jiraiya as many bath houses as he has visited.

    I think Amado is his illegitimate child who grew up only hearing stories from his mom who was totally romanced by him.
    not many people really know about Jiraiya’s true destiny. but he probly used it as a pickup line while drunk CONSTANTLY

  9. BTW i was thinking the other day. If koji dies and you try to resurrect him, would you get koji or jiraiya? They have the same DNA…

  10. Thats a good question cause if he did that means they have his body that means they can reanimate him ????

  11. Well people think that He was from the rain Village and was A scientist to Nagato. It could have been because did you saw in the pain arc were Nagato was in that weird machine, rods were coming out of him and his body was losing so much weight. That could’ve been amado. Probably that’s how he got the DNA. No way this man just got in the water

  12. Amado could have taken Jiraiya’s dna from his arm that was torn off. It was revealed that Amado’s lab is in Amegakura. There should have been no need to get Jiraiya’s body from the river.

  13. I mean, Amado could just be Jiraiya. That would give him access to the materials for making clones.

  14. Since he’s a clone, can it be implied that Naruto and his generation are all older than Koji???

  15. From what we’ve seen Amado’s intelligence is light years ahead of anyone in the leaf. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he built a submarine that could withstand the pressure of collecting Jiraiya’s body under water.

  16. looking at how old he is, i dont think so. unless they aged him somehow. its quite likely that jiraya got his DNA while in a mission pre part or some shit, which would make sense. a cup of sake in some bar would have his saliva in it, i suppose lol

  17. The question is if Kojj grows like a normal human and had to grow from babyhood or he was simply created as an adult

  18. I was always wondering how did amado managed to get his dna when kabuto couldn’t? But probably that will be explained when kashin shows up. There are things to amado there are still not explained.

  19. Amado got Jiraya dna by using the transformation jutsu just like how Naruto does and then you know…..

  20. I mean Amado is a ninja tech genius, so I wouldn’t be suprised if he made a diving suit that could withstand that amount of pressure.