Naruto is like a forgiveness simulator

Naruto is like a forgiveness simulator

Naruto is like a forgiveness simulator

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  1. Unpopular opinion I dont mind narutos talk no jutsu against obito, I think his motivation for being bad was flawed and madara just tapped into his hatred and despair. All naruto did was wake him upp

  2. Obito was the reason both their parents were killed.

    At least Obito gave a crap unlike Danzo.

  3. Similar fate but different ways to deal with it.
    Really shows how revenge and hatred will make you even more miserable meanwhile Naruto never let the bad things in life hold him back for too long

  4. It’s actually a result of having a toxic upbringing to be so willing to forgive to such a large degree… Basically it boils down to needing acceptance from everyone around you to the detriment of yourself and others.

  5. Honestly being a victim of bullying and loneliness in a way for the majority of my life I kind of understand what Kishimoto-sensei was trying to do in this aspect. Knowing how someone can feel and the reasoning behind it all you can kind of understand why they did it and that most of that choice (for obito in this case) was because he was manipulated in a way and not clear in what he was doing because of rage and hatred. Plus you have to understand that even if you have never met them there are truly people so pure that they can never muster any anger or hatred towards others no matter how bad they have hurt them (I say this only now after meeting such a person and knowing their “backstory and filler episodes”). And honestly if you ever meet them never let them go 😂.

  6. If Naruto didn’t forgive he’d basically have a shit list in the Hokage office(assuming they do census)

  7. I cannot believe obito could purposely kill his own sensei lol plus danzo didn’t mean anything to fugaku