Agree or disagree ? Lol

Agree or disagree ? Lol

Agree or disagree ? Lol

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  1. Agree. Honestly, from what I’ve experienced from this sub, Itachitard are of less common than Sakuratards. They almost dominate this sub. I’m calling them out!

  2. Na br o itachi could vs the entire Naruto universe ez he could easily beat kaguya with tsyukoyomi……..madara would lose instantly/$/ if he didn’t have disease from sharinagn he would beat everyone ezz— yiu stupod

  3. Whoever possesses the better Plot BS no Jutsu wins.

    – Remember that time Jiraiya captured Itachi and his pet bluefish inside a toad’s stomach? *Amaterasu* = escape.
    – Remember that time Sasuke struck Itachi with natural lightning? *Susano’o* = survival.
    – Remember that time Orochimaru came out of Sasuke? *Totsuka Blade* = goodbye unkillable snakeman
    – Remember how Obito was about to molest Sasuke? *Transcript: Amaterasu* = Obito almost died.
    – Remember when Itachi became a zombie? *Kotoamatsukami* = he’s unbrainwashed now.
    – Remember when the Brochihas fought Kabuto who must be stopped but not killed? *Izanami* = Edo Tensei gets dispelled.
    – Remember when all Madara had was Uchiha prowess and EMS? *Izanagi + Hashi cells* = Rinnegan and Mokuton.
    – Remember when Madara was so OP there was no logical way of defeating him anymore? *Kaguya has entered the chat*.

    These two are masters of Asspull no Jutsu. Obviously Itachi would lose since he’s not the MC or main villain so his powers aren’t endgame-level; but if he were, there’d be a third Shinto god jutsu that would render Madara powerless at the cost of an eye.

  4. I love Madara and his backstory but holy fuck did his introduction destroy any type of previous powers scaling in the naruto universe. Remember when the 8 gates was suppose to give a ninja hokage level powers. Or the 3rd hokage fighting the first and second hokage at the same time beating both?