Revive them

Revive them

Revive them

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  1. Nah, i love all of them, but i thought their deaths were really well thought out and had significant meaning, and it would be a shame to lose that. Neji, howver, should def be brought back because he died for no fucking reason whatsoever.

  2. If it’s boruto you are taking about please do not revive any one. If sasuke and Naruto are nerfed so much, imagine what would happen to other characters

  3. Shisui is arguably one of the most powerful shinobi. His eye (not sure if he would still have them in reanimated form) can cast illusions on reality itself O_o

  4. Nah dude it would just ruin the cause they died for and would be an ass pull.
    People die in shows for a reason and no matter how sad it might be its necessary for the story to progress and they’re loss to be remembered by the living.

  5. It would be fucked up if they replaced the death penalty with “use you to revive someone good via edo-tensei”. Sure it’s still a death penalty, but it will cause a lot of weird shit to happen

  6. I would say those are the 3 characters I WOULDN’T want revived lol. Their deaths are prolly the most meaningful and important to the plot, reviving them would be kinda cheap… I would revive Neji over those three any day.

  7. If I was Hokage I will do one time in a year an Edo-Tensei day, I will revive all the deaths for only one day to meet again. Orochi can do that, it would be awesome.

  8. Their deaths were too important to the story to revive them. I think Neji is the only one that should come back. His death was pretty pointless imo. If anything I want Guy and Kakashi to get their powers back.

  9. Legit, why is Orochimaru not just mass producing white zetsu clones and perfect edoing the strongest shinobi to fight the aliens?