Who’s your favourite kunoichi in Naruto?

Who’s your favourite kunoichi in Naruto?

Who's your favourite kunoichi in Naruto?

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  1. Tsunade and Chiyo . Maybe because they’re the only female characters that got good backstories and screen time

  2. The red hot-blooded habanero. Can any other kunoichi give a long speech after giving birth to a child; having a chackra demon, which is known to kill its host soon after exiting them, is forcefully extracted from her; create a new barrier to stop said monster; quickly jump in front of the claw of this monster faster than the yellow freaking flash(she was in the front and the second one usually goes in the back) and then have enough chackra left to be sealed in her son to give tell him this and more stories and help him bind the chackra monster again?

    I should also point out that she and hashirama are the only two people who have incapacitated the nine tails without a sharingan.

  3. I’d go for either Konan or Kurenai. I think the second one is so underrated, despite her being actually good at genjutsu. I know it was a filler episode, but she managed to trap in her genjutsu members of the Kurama clan (where genjutsu is kind of their thing, at least kekkei genkai-wise) and if I remember correctly an anbu unit or two.

    And Konan is just cool, the idea of someone using his jutsu to fly like an angel just bought me immediately. I only wish her abilities were more explored, especially that using paper as weapons seems like a great idea to use in forest areas where well.. You could have an excess amount of potential paper for improvised weapons/traps. Instead we see her fighting in the open field during rain (pretty much the only thing I’d avoid while using paper weapons), playing with paper bomb traps (which was a great battle to see regardless, especially plot-wise).

  4. Konan and Kushina! Also Karin because she makes me laugh. Well, I guess anyone who’s name start with K.

  5. Tsunade. I love doctors and she’s #1 in the narutoverse. AND she does part time terraforming on the side 🙌🏾

  6. Anko has always been my favourite! I wish she got more character development because she has an awesome skillset and shes a former apprentice of Orochimaru himself! By rights she should have had more spotlight in the story for that very reason! She was unique right from her very introduction and that’s not even accounting for her looks! 😍