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  1. I never got the feeling that Tenten or Wasabi are disliked by most of the fanbase….
    I think that most of the fanbase just don’t give a F about those two. Just fun material like; ‘Tenten is above Otsutsuki’ stuff(she is). They aren’t even dislikable or something. To be honest, they are both like one of the most normal, logically thinking people who you encounter in the series, like; ‘yeah, we know we are the side characters of the side characters. We don’t give a F, just let us be.’

  2. She gets as much screen time as the other teams that aren’t Team 7 and 10. And since when was Wasabi and especially Tenten disliked by most of the fanbase? How would you even gauge that? Is this just because people softened up on ChoCho now, and want to look for someone else to irrationally hate?

  3. I like them both actually. They’re both rational and good teammates. Nothing special, but nothing to hate? You ok, OP?

  4. “one of the weaker genin”

    lmfao, wasabi is definitely one of the stronger ones after her chunin episode

  5. I’ll forever be mad that the anime didn’t use round 2 of the exams to develop the side characters more and instead rushed through it. We could have had 2 cool Iwabe vs Wasabi fights but noooo we didn’t even get 1. Plus Sarada VS Mirai should have been shown. Sigh, why does this anime have soooooo much missed potential Throughout it

  6. How the fuck can you dislike Tenten and Wasabi if they barely appear and when they do they don’t do anything too good neither too bad? xD

  7. Wasabi got more screentile than tenten.
    I actually like her and I’m not thebonly one I think her jutsu is prettycool

  8. How is Ten Ten disliked by most of the fan base? Yes people make memes but how can you dislike a character that’s barely shown lmfao. A big sentiment I’ve seen is Ten Ten had potential to be a lot cooler if they gave her more to do.

  9. Imo wasabi gets way too much fucking airtime when we have much more interesting characters that went academy with boruto

  10. You dare compare Tenten Sama, the student of the great lord Teuchi, to trash like Wasabi????????????????

  11. I don’t think they’re disliked. They’re just looked over by a lot of the fandom because of their lack of screentime and storyline.

  12. I like the idea of Wasabi, just wish she was Canon and got more screen time.

    Yeah, yeah anime canon. You know what I mean. x’D

  13. Hate is a strong word. And i dont even hate both of them. I know they are weak. But like Ten Ten she can be useful at some time. The only thing why Wasabi never get screen time. Because Boruto’s format of the series was completely different from Naruto. My opinion is they are rushing the series. Unlike Naruto that they always do Missions since they were Genin. And we get to analyze every weakness and abilies as a Team. Boruto most of the time was focus only on Team 7 and there battle.

  14. I like Wasabi. I didn’t care for her episode but I think it showed a possible ship between her and Iwabe. Her jutsu is kinda different but I’m curious what other abilities she will develop.

  15. Wasabi same as Tenten strength wise?? Are you for real… She definitely stronger than her. That Chuunin exam proved it.

  16. I think if ten ten was alive now , she would totally be OP with the scientific tools that’s available