damn. if only i had a rinnegan

damn. if only i had a rinnegan

damn. if only i had a rinnegan

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  1. Nagato could absorb chakra to restore his broken body. I assume he never did this in life out of self loathing and his pain fetish but still. Sasuke is the last person to ever run out of chakra with a Rinnegan that’s supposed to be superior.

    At least Sasuke made sure Isshiki died with the highest blood pressure of his people.

  2. “Damn, I’m gravely injured. If only there were some kind of object I could summon and then enter that would fully heal me.”

  3. What bothers me even more than him forgetting to use his own powers or constantly being out of chakra, is that he’s always bringing Boruto along. I’m sorry but him relying on a kid so much, no matter how much faith he has in him, is entirely out of character.

  4. At least Kurama got to become a nuclear physicist before dying
    Sasuke lost his rinnegan without getting to do anything with it

  5. Sasuke could have literally eaten Isshiki using the king of hell ability, and he could have used almighty push to push away the black rods instead of swapping places with Boruto, but he barely used the other rinnegan abilities so I don’t even think losing the rinnegan changed much for him

  6. It was used to be most badass dojutsu in Naruto who can cancel most of things and now it’s become fodder. Same says against isshiki it’s useless but everyone forgot the abilities it’s possess. It can even absorb chakra while fighting too which was shown in last fight of shippuden but now every Boruto fans justifies like it’s never happened.

  7. It feels like Boruto is being created by someone who have never watched Naruto series, just seen a couple of fight videos on YouTube and a filler.

    “Ah yes, this ability looks cool, I’ll reuse it”

  8. This is why I say Boruto is trash. The characters and art may seem nice and interesting, but the storytelling put it ***entirely*** in the drain.

  9. They should’ve just gave Sasuke the 9 tails and taught him Sage mode and gave him more Hashirama cells all over his body and gave him a Danzo arm and gave him all the Kekkei Genkai like Kabuto. I see no reason as to why they wouldn’t do that to keep konoha safe.

  10. Think Sasuke lost his youth Guy is always talking about. Kinda like Kakashi did when he fought Zabuza. Kicked butt in His flashbacks as a kid then lost his youth and couldn’t use Sharingan without passing out.

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