Like the Lunar surface

Like the Lunar surface

Like the Lunar surface

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  1. TBH only the Uchiha massacre is a black mark here.

    Kurama attack happened when Minato was Hokage.

    Hiruzen managed to make sure they successfully defended Konoha from a surprise attack by two villages.

    I dunno if Naruto being lonely makes their administration any less smooth.

  2. Sorry about the text. Kapwing scales the images much differently than what you see in the editor.


    She’s saying “Hiruzen out front and Danzo in the back. Things went most smoothly in Hidden Leaf back then.”

  3. I see those two panels on the right, that’s just Danzo’s “A traumatized ninja is a strong ninja” policy being proved right yet again.

  4. It went smoothly for them and them only just like the politicians in this world mfs got sent to dday and knew they was gon take heavy loss they even say they expected more bloodshed…smooth to them means they wasn’t targeted/assassinated

  5. I hated the elders everytime they appeared. They just said stupid bullshit that no one agreed with, now that I think about it, I’m happy Sasuke wanted to kill them. I can’t remember if he accomplished that though.

  6. Danzo was just a bad idea from the start. Should have just made a compromise and made the Uchiha in charge of the Onbu

  7. How is Naruto being depressed bad for the whole village? Lmao so because one person is sad the whole country is trash? thats not how it works. look at things more realistically, u naive idiots.