Shinigami in Naruto

Shinigami in Naruto

Shinigami in Naruto

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  1. I keep on forgetting that the shinigami sealing jutsu actually summon the naruto equivalent of the death God

  2. Resident Japanese death god gets his stomach slit open by a convicted pedophile with a snake fursona.

  3. It’s funny how in Naruto there are just weird Gods that exist that are summoned by Justu that don’t get super touched on. The Grim Reaper, the King of Hell by the Rinnegan, Jashin might be real and just grants people immortality.

  4. You’re telling me some dumbass with swords are better representation of shinigami than a god summoned only to trade your soul.

  5. Hol up… Wasn’t it those things Pain/Nagato summoned during Invasion of Konoha?

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