Naruto without Kurama ????

Naruto without Kurama ????

Naruto without Kurama ????

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  1. Naruto is still crazy strong. It’s the writing of Boruto that makes him look weak. He is the best in Taijutsu aside from gates Lee, he has some crazy strong ninjutsus like Rasen-Shuriken, he is one of the very few shinobis who mastered sage mode and is the best sage mode user ever, he still has the highest chakra reserves out of all shinobis. The only problem is that he wouldnt have regenration anymore so he wouldnt be able to take hits as well as before.

  2. Naruto without kurama would be still powerful, hes also got sage mode..but we cant complain… cause its boruto

  3. naruGOAT still the strongest shinobi currently existing and the hokage of the leaf, there is absolutely no one superior to our boi, not even those jackass geezers who guide the hokage, i think its tsunade and kakashi wholl guide naruto