I coloured America’s number 1 hero

I coloured America’s number 1 hero

I coloured America's number 1 hero

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  1. Wow.

    …..Who would’ve thought deku would be surpassed as an all might wannabe fanboy huh?


  2. I guess this is answers the eternal question. What would Midnight have look liked if she cosplayed as All Might for a day?

  3. Imagine her attacks are named after Generals and/or Presidents. Like Roosevelt Suplex, Boxing Lincoln, or Blitzing Grant.

  4. Her ability: capitalism. She can adjust reality to
    were no one can compete with her for a limited time.

  5. This is amazing colour work, OP!

    What I’m most excited about her current design is the way it evokes Jim Lee’s signature style. Similar to how All Might was drawn to evoke the classic style comics, we see Stars & Stripes pull off the modern age of comics. I picked out Jim Lee in particular as he was one of—if not the artist—who kickstarted the publication of variant covers for single issue releases (aka the “floppies”—think how SJ has weekly or monthly chapters, but instead of a massive magazine they come as singular booklets). I think his earliest work that began this trend was his work on X-Men.

    His artstyle would evoke a blending of Western and Eastern style, which you can see with S&S here: her facial proportions are much more realistic. In a line-up with all of Horikoshi’s female characters, she’d stand-out just from her eyes alone. The subtleties in her lines, especially where shadows and light meet pull from the stylings of Jim Lee.

    While I doubt Jim Lee is the sole influence, I do think he has had a huge impact on the comics we know of today. The majority of the promotional art we see for any DC Comics merchandise has his art work. They’re even a huge feature in the big DC FanDome event. [I mean, if you need convincing, just check out his YouTube channel.](

    I can’t wait to see more of Stars & Stripes. I sincerely hope she’s more than just a cool character design with a brief impact in the narrative. The fact that Horikoshi went and made her a *big*, muscular woman is just spectacular—this is a move the big publishers are scared to do (even with characters like She-Hulk and Big Barda—you’d think they’d be big muscular women, but you’d be lucky if the artist feels like making them more buff and intimidating over big-muscular but “sexy”).

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  7. I wanna say 2 things:

    1st did All Might and Midnight have a secret love child?

    And 2nd…damn, another hot buffed chick

  8. I’m excited to learn more about her. It seems apparent she’ll have some sort of not a big influence on deku

  9. … Please become popular enough that I can cosplay this. I would like this to be canon.

  10. Nice! I saw another one where she was a redhead and now I’m torn cause idk which one I prefer! Both are awesome!

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