Ooh the twist!!

Ooh the twist!!

Ooh the twist!!

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  1. These do exist. IIRC, they’re privately owned, and set up on very remote stretches of road in Australia; where it would otherwise be impossible to set up an electrical grid of that capacity.

  2. For the 283748493992737382 time;

    An internal combustion engine running at constant speed recharging an EV is still more efficient than the same fuel used directly by that vehicle.

    Anyone who laughs at this meme doesn’t understand physics.

  3. Naah! Tesla charger had human workers running in a mouse wheel under the ground. Next time you charge at Tesla, listen to the noise below your feet.

  4. That’s an infrastructure issue. Tesla is a car company, and it’s not their job to reduce our fossil fuel dependence for power generation.

  5. Boy am I glad you added that “Elon Musk:” caption, I wouldn’t understand the meme otherwise

  6. Where exactly do you think much of this country’s electricity comes from?

    Fossil fuel power plants.

    In many areas of the country, the only difference with this picture is a much shorter distance from the power plant.

  7. Stop , he only cares about money , or lets say our goals and his are aligned he is not a white knight

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