Idk what write here

Idk what write here

Idk what write here

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  1. If it’s interesting for you asphalt is actually recycled quite a lot. In fact, it’s one of the easiest things to recycle, because it is practically new, when heated up. There’s no chemical processes when it hardens. Only thermal. Look it up. Sorry, can’t tell it in all detail, since my English tends to worsen when I get tired. I’ll go to sleep now

  2. This makes me wonder, did the ancient Egyptians have power tools? But everything got looted, or recycled to make swords to fight a war. And maybe that is why we wonder how they built the dang pyramids?

  3. I’ve seen at least 9 memes in this sub today with over 1k upvotes and I’ve seen them all before in 2017

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