Wholesome homies

Wholesome homies

Wholesome homies

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  1. I need help. I am drunk but I really need help. I need some Bros. I have a lot of pressure on my shoulders and I try to man up. my older brother sexually assaulted me when I was five. My father committed suicide. And my mother has a mental capacity of a 13-year-old. I’m just tired and I need help. I’m not suicidal but Jesus Christ my life has been hard. I try to be a good brother for my little brother and keep my older brother in line but Jesus I’m tired. I have no idea how I’m going to do well. I am a sophomore University at 27. I’m so f****** tired. I just want to learn and good good grades. I have driven semi trucks and have a welding degree. I just want a stable income that doesn’t include my ruining my body. I have seen people die. I have no idea what life supposed to be but it’s never been that way. I apologize for being who I am.

  2. This is deep. If you knew the story in the Bible, Peter fell into the water because he was too distracted by the storm to focus on Jesus. Just the same, men are too distracted by society’s abandonment towards men’s issues to focus on the friends and family they have to support them in times of need.

    Don’t let the storm bother you.

  3. The homies: “Hey bro, you’ve been seeming down lately. If you wanna talk, I’m here for you man.”

    Depression is no more.

  4. Currently, the internet is my only homie, but I hope I will find irl homies soon too. Until then, I am open to virtual hugs and such.

  5. My dudes: your feelings are valid and you’re important. You don’t have to live up to anyone’s ideas about being a man. You’re a man because you are, not because of what you do.

  6. Also, feminism. In fact, I remember a certain razor company making a commercial imploring men to be more emotionally supportive and… well,

    don’t read the comments.

  7. This is why feminism is important for everyone! Society needs to accept and encourage boys and men to feel their feelings and learn how to manage them without stigma (largely propagated by patriarchy). Feminism for all!!

  8. “And in the time of shipwreck and darkness someone will rescue you, to keep on singing ♫”

    -María Elena Walsh, Como la Cigarra

  9. I feel so human when I’m hanging out with my homies. We can forget about all the painful stuff and just have fun.