That episode had me in tears

That episode had me in tears

That episode had me in tears

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  1. I was gonna unsubscribe because they cancelled Doom patrol, but stayed for last of us.

  2. Gay sex on HBO? Surely you jest! Next you’ll be telling me that MTV stopped playing music videos!

  3. Gay sex scene? I didn’t see such a scene, something close to it but they only showed the beginning

  4. Nick Offerman fucking KILLED that role. Totally wasn’t expecting that, and I’m really impressed with the show so far.

  5. Gay sex has been on HBO for years.

    Also Nick Offerman performance was insane.

    Never before have I felt so vested in a character who is only in ONE EPISODE. Acting on another level, that we’ve never seen him do before.

  6. Was a good episode I honestly forgot they were even a gay couple half way through just saw them as Bill and frank. It’s not out of the norm for me I grew up with a great aunt who was lesbian and had a wife as long as I can remember and still together there old as fuck now. I just feel like if it’s a gay or lesbian in a show there personality is solely based around that usually and this one was like a little bit of a discovery into it and then just them living there life together.

  7. That episode was so fucking sweet. I totally thought one of them was gonna kill the other but it turned so wholesome. Like the growing old scene from UP.

  8. I mean, it wasn’t exactly necessary imo but I liked getting more background for bill

  9. Everyone take notes. This is a perfect example of how gay storylines can happen organically and add something to a story, opposed to what normally happens, which is an established character is all of a sudden made gay for clout purposes. This episode transcends being the “best gay love story” or whatever I’ve heard a few times… it’s one of the best episodes of television I’ve seen in a long time, gay straight or whatever else. Would just love to hear feedback without people getting hung up in the gay aspect, like ffs… we get it, you’re gay and that’s awesome. I’m very happy to see a top notch storyline about gay men in a show that isn’t considered a “gay show”, so it would be really nice if y’all could stop insulting the actors by trying to pigeonhole them into that box. This was simply great writing and great acting.

  10. It was a sweet and sad romance and if people had a issue because it was two men then they need to get over themselves.

  11. Well I unsubscribed because I didn’t realize I was paying for softcore gay porn…

    …when I can get the hardcore stuff for free.

  12. I didn’t unsubscribe, but I don’t know. I feel like it dragged on a little too long. They could have cut the camera when Bill crawled into bed, and we would have gotten the point. I would have felt the same if it was a hetero couple. I watch zombie shows for zombies. You can still include romance, but be tactful with it.

  13. HBO needs to do something about Velma though, the writers went rogue and decided to tarnish the reputation of a beloved children’s series

  14. I unsubscribe HBO Max because they taken down cartoon network’s property and shows, which makes me more upset than the last of us or velma.

  15. It was a well done episode….now I’m wondering if I should unsubscribe because of Velma 🤣

  16. The gay scenes in the last of us were actually true, real art shown to build an incredible story.

    Velma is just mean spirited, racist sexist trash. Just like it’s creators.

  17. It was a great episode, but man are people fucking fragile if it made them unsubscribe for that

  18. Can we just let gay sex in movies catch up to straight sex scenes and stop them all together because they mean nothing, only people who like them are middle-aged white women who have a horrid sex life, and creepy guys trying to wank off in public