Base on memes I read in reddit, this guy commit crime or something? women seems to hate him

Base on memes I read in reddit, this guy commit crime or something? women seems to hate him

Base on memes I read in reddit, this guy commit crime or something? women seems to hate him

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  1. hes a guy who made social media posts and stuff about being an alpha male or whatever the fuck, and had some really actually bad takes. Like, morally. Then they found out he was a human trafficker. Thats what i know

  2. He’s a dickhead that has said some stupid shit to get attention then says something that’s common sense so he doesn’t look like a complete asshole. Apart from the possible crimes he was taken into custody for, he’s scammed vulnerable men with his “alpha male” bullshit.

  3. Andrew Tate is a guy who got arrested for human trafficking

    He has some pretty controversial philosophies as well, i’m blanking on any exact examples at the moment but needless to say he’s a pretty shitty person for the whole human trafficking bs. He also sent a voice message to someone he raped detailing how much he enjoyed raping her

    TLDR, shitty person who deserves to be in jail right now

  4. Some dude that called me a skizophrenic and said I looked like a weak target after we got into an argument involving forks dogs and cannibalism he has some sort of extreme agenda against Detroit style pizza lol the article literally is fake and the intended agenda could not be more obvious I wonder who would try to distract the public scapegoating pizza while causing actual real dangerous terrorist level problems. Wow I’m shocked.

  5. Lol I recognized the argument that I’d had with a man on reddit and it was extremely degrading and disrespectful so a bunch of my friends and family rushed to my defense and removed him from the platform. Then an unknown source blew the entire incident out of proportion and added fake details as far as what actually happened. The story was very imaginative in reality it was just an argument I had with a narcissistic misogynistic asshole. I can confirm that he was just a rich rando that thought he was better than me, so we removed him from the platform.

  6. The biggest narcissist in media in the last few years. Any man following him is likewise narcissistic in extreme measure. Women like dicks that don’t speak and work hard.

  7. You’re better off that way. At best you find out more about him at it slightly erodes your faith in humanity. At worst, you agree with him, he adds another sucker to his grift, and my faith in humanity erodes further. Also that is supposed be Chris Pratt in the meme.

  8. He basically is a transsexual person which is fighting for his gay rights in many places like Argentina, Kongo, Poland and Missouri.
    He wanted to make a milkshake out of a rat and paralyzed his son by accident.
    Some people say it wasn’t an accident but at least it’s the official Story.
    This was the start of the Andrew Tate hate.
    And since then it got bigger and bigger until some people SWATed him.

  9. Andrew Tate is a content creator that is for some reason worshiped by some men for selling a vision of masculinity that’s rich and get you a lot of women.

    All in all he eh. He has some good takes about men and some takes about women some being true and some that teter on misogyny but he doesn’t hate women he just thinks that they’re weak and need to be protected by strong men like him which I can’t say is really misogynistic. But if you want to know what to feel about him I recommend you watch some of his videos and make your own conclusions.

    He was arrested for a couple of things however no evidence was provided for any of his alleged crimes and he was released after each time so he in all likelihood didn’t do it.

    If you want to have an opinion on him I say do your own research and come to your own conclusions