What does a person truly need?

What does a person truly need?

What does a person truly need?

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  1. 1st wish: I want a 3D printer and I can print anything I want. Like a train if I want one.

    2nd wish: I want people to like me and be my friend because I’m lonely

    3rd wish: a lot of animal shelters/orphanages

  2. I got a plan: you must make up a character with some cool superpowers like time stopping or superstrenght etc. Then wish to have powers like that character. You used only one wish and got cool stuff

  3. 1 uhh to have the reality stone

    2 to be able to hold it for as long as I want

    3 I can’t think of anything else so immortality

    From the reality stone I will learn to use it over time so I can reality a car in front of me if I wanted to so technically the reality stone is infinite wishes so I would make a hole new world if I figured out how to over time by the stone

  4. money. enough to live without worries for the rest of my life. I already got a loving husband and a beautiful daughter.

  5. 2 options

    1 write a list on a piece of paper and ask for everything on the page.


    1st wish: I wish I could wish for more wishes 2nd wish: wish for more wishes