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Wholesome Skyrim

Wholesome Skyrim

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  1. Riding a dragon was an extreme letdown imo. You couldn’t control where it went, you could only control what it attacked, which was never my goal when getting on a mode of transportation. It was certainly not faster than Shadowmere, and arguably less of a tank too. Even when I’m role-playing, I will go through the Dark Brotherhood story until I get Shadowmere because of how much of a fucken BEAST it is

  2. My fondest memory of Shadowmare is never getting to ride it because my game glitched out and the horse slowly fell through the swamp floor that he spawned on

  3. …And if I had a dragon
    I’d go out on the wind
    And if I had a pony
    I’d ride him on my dragon
    And we could all together
    Go out on the wind
    I said me upon my pony on my dragon…
    (Apologies to Lyle Lovett)

  4. Odavhiing and Shadowmere. Man this brings back memories.

    I’m sorry for all the cliffs and mountainsides you fell off Shadowmere. And I’m sorry for the ones I shouted you off too….

  5. Arvak helps me carry my things… I will never not pick up that undead horse…

    Also, it would be nice if you could actually steer the dragon and it wouldn’t just circle around…

  6. The dragon riding with the Dragonborn DLC was probably one of the biggest disappointments I experienced with gaming

  7. when I look at the 5th panel with the horse going up the mountain I cant help but see the chad pose