Why are you gay?

Why are you gay?

Why are you gay?

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  1. 2 of my friends took my ass in high school when i was a virgin . They were rough with me . I have been submissive since .

  2. It’s what the butthole is attached too. Like when Lesbians has sex with a strap on. It’s what the dick is attached to that they are horny twords.
    I like women, so I like vaginas. (Mostly on my face and dick) but it’s the female figure and her Femininity (big boobs.. don’t forget big boobs) that draws me to women.
    If a dude had a pussy. I would not fuck him. As a heterosexual, I only fined women with the qualitys I mentioned attractive. It can’t be helped.
    Gay women and Gay men are horny for the same gender. Nothing wrong with that. I am Attracted to the opposite of mine. Butthole and all.