It’s almost as if I physically can’t

It’s almost as if I physically can’t

It’s almost as if I physically can’t

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  1. One of those hypersensitive moments? I get that. Its rough sometimes when youre overstimulated

  2. I am a paranoid schizophrenic. I refuse to talk with my family about my symptoms at this point. Sometimes I feel like kicking them in balls and saying “just ignore it!”

  3. Hey man, autisms all in your head.

    (Please don’t get mad it’s a joke. Cuz like..your head controls everything)

  4. Asmr video noises make me wanna rage out like a chimp. Perhaps I have a touch of the tism. Also don’t like people or making eye contact. What noise make you flip?

  5. i wish we had evolved to have earlids as well as eyelids
    maybe fold our ears over to block out the noise

  6. Yeah I suggest getting the airpod pros if you can afford them and also like some kind of music as they have built in noise canceling and no one is going to question someone wearing airpods.

  7. so a while ago I learnt that some people can literally focus on/out sound. Like, for those who can blur your eyes: its like that but with sound.