Morocco new what was up

Morocco new what was up

Morocco new what was up

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  1. Before building up a Navy the US paid tribute to Morocco so they’d stop raiding our merchant ships. I’d guess that had something to do with their recognition.

  2. Interesting that it wasn’t the french. They were too busy helping the Americans fight the British for their independence. It’s surprising how often history leaves that tiny detail out.

    Or was it now :).

  3. many of you may not know but if Morocco stops exporting phosphorus we all will starve to death.

    Phosphorus is a key element needed to make fertilizers and Morocco alone owns about 80% of all of the world’s phosphorus reserves.

  4. buff tom – also morocco having the largest deposit of phosphate (75% of the entire world) which is the key element for every countries food production. used as fertilizer.

    small jerry – us and china

  5. Maybe I’m a big dumb dumb, but wasn’t Morocco under french rule? Or at least a french colony?

    And I’m sure this is a technicality. France aided the Americans throughout the war – and are the oldest ally to American.

  6. Actually do america to even gain sovereignty they needed to recognized by the indigenous people as a sovereign nation, granting sovereignty to both nations

  7. It’s true! Now the US uses Moroccan land to train soldiers for combat in the Middle East. There are several cities with American military bases in them.

  8. Well at the time they were one of the biggest slave exporters, so that probably had something to do with it.


    Also Britain abolished slavery.

    Maybe its nothing, but it wouldn’t surprise me if this was part of the motivation.