Try, I dare you

Try, I dare you

Try, I dare you

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  1. That’s actually untrue bc if you’re looking at a mirror thats a light second away you’ll see yourself blink in very “real” time

  2. I mean you can’t really see anything in real time ever coz it takes time for the light to enter your eyes then hit your retina and then signals go from the nerves to your brain which we perceive as vision

  3. Selfie video using a phone from the early 2000s. There is a it of delay there that will allow you to sew yourself blink. Thats the closest to real time as it gets.

  4. I get the joke But if you ever wanted to be salty,

    Forget about the blinking thing our whole life is a lag, sunlight takes 8-10;minutes to reach earth, the twinkling stars we see lights emitted days or decades or even millions of years ago, you hear lighting first before thunder. There are lots of stuffs

  5. well, u can never see anything in real time to be exact, light takes time to travel and the formed images take time to be processed

  6. What is time

    Because you are not seeing anything in *real* time, the light has to travel a bit before hitting your eyes. Time is relative, isnt it?