Would you press it?

Would you press it?

Would you press it?

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  1. Can I press it 100 times? It might destroy the world’s economy, but who gives a crap about that anyway.

  2. So as far as I understand, pushing the button = becoming an attractive woman. I see this as an absolute win.

  3. This is a win win…unless you’re already male, wouldn’t trade no periods in life to a period every month even if it meant being rich. The pain is no joke, even to be rich.

  4. Get an orphan to press it if they turn into a girl ima get the orphan and i press the switch and get money because the pity rate resets everytime you pull out a legendary

    If orphan gets money and i turn into a woman i am going to snatch it because who will they till it to

    Their parents?

  5. if it had a “and get NTR-ed” on the right im gonna press it and it’s gonna be a win-win

  6. I mean 10 trillion dollars would kinda crush the economy… looks at the debt of US, nevermind. But being an attractive girl also gives you easy ways of getting lots of money.

  7. Press it multiple times so you then have a chance of becoming rich and a female. I see this as an absolute win