Yes da earth

Yes da earth

Yes da earth

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  1. Actually, It does make sense for aliens to invade USA as it is the most powerful countries in the world . Destabilizing it would make our planet weak and easier to conquer. The rumors and sighting of UFOs have all taken birth on American soil so it is obvious why want to aliens invade USA. Lets not forget that USA have a very strong nuclear arsenal which could come in handy to defeat other nation.

    The Alien species must have had a reason to invade earth most likely for a new home, by invading America it would not only get the strongest nation on earth but also putting a large chunk of human population to death


    Yes, totally oc. Not a repost at all.

  3. Where the world is filmed, you ask? Canada.

    Fun fact, Shazam was actually filmed in my hometown, Toronto, and so was The Christmas Chronicles. That scene in Shazam where he was holding up the bus? That was on the bridge of the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto. And that scene from the Christmas Chronicles with those cops when the reindeer started to fly? That was on Bloor Street, which is basically our fashion district.

  4. “Aliens only invade the US in movies”

    Meme makers on r/memes : this post in a dozen different variations

    original joke don’t steal

  5. The world watches films made in Hollywood California, and some non Americans are confused as to why the movies always have an American perspective and take place in the US.