Care for others.

Care for others.

Care for others.

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  1. Oof seeing this after seeing omni man after ep8 it just doesn’t feel like hes genuinely happy for his so called but rather just acting

  2. Any more good shows like Invincible where there’s a twist and a change of tone in the beginning?

  3. Whew! That hole was really dark. Why didn’t you help me up? I’m glad I took those rock climbing lessons!

  4. Here is how you can be supportive of your friends which may not sound like help, but this is advice from a past resident advisor who had to say this to three separate college freshmen struggling: there are signs, if you see even one sign, ask questions like, “how are you feeling?” Let them guide the conversation. It’s not about you speaking, it’s about you listening to them. Don’t insert opinions, don’t judge. Then, this is the scary part, ask, “are you thinking of killing yourself?” If they answer yes, which in this experience they did, I immediately got them in touch with resources.

    If your friends are struggling and are in college, reach out to mental health groups within the college. You don’t have to be a student of that college to do it. At nearly every university, there is a behavior intervention team you can anonymously report to. Don’t lie, don’t make it sound worse than it is. It’s hard to do it. This has saved my students’ lives and two of my classmates.

    Another time, I asked my friend this question and she answered yes. I didn’t know her therapists’ name, but I went with her once and remembered there was a tree painting in the lobby. I searched through every office picture of surrounding therapist office until I found one that matched and I told them, “she is thinking of killing herself.” Her therapist immediately got in touch with her and saved her life. She also moved her to a therapist who was more fit for her.

    One of my classmates’ know I filed that report, and my friend knew too. They both weren’t angry. They were happy someone finally listened to them and took it seriously enough to try to get them access to better resources.

  5. That is one ripped J. Jonah Jameson. And why’s that girl pantomiming double fisting dudes in a gangbang?

  6. not to sound like an asshole but everytime a content creater does something wrong they always say they were in a dark place like bruh you act like you were banished to shadow realm