Especially the ones at starbucks

Especially the ones at starbucks

Especially the ones at starbucks

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  1. Bro she look like she’s got literal beach balls stuffed up her shirt these ain’t even hot at this point

  2. If each boob is bigger than the their head that just looks bad usually also probably be very painful.

  3. When I was 17 I worked at Taco Bell with this very attractive girl. That girl grew up to be Karlee Grey.

  4. Someone on the red pill said that if straight men recruited models they’d look like the Starbucks chick but anorexic chicks get chosen because the model recruiters are gay men and older women on their way out of the industry that get jealous over younger competition.

  5. May i take your order please

    I.. i..ill have your large Milkers.. i mean ill have Milkers.. i mean your Milkers. Oops i ment to say one Milkers please… I mean ill have large Milkershake please.

  6. those are confusing proportions, the stylization of that character doesn’t really have a convincing sense of balance.

  7. this meme template and all its other variations are shit and where never funny even the first time I saw them, think of something good next time instead of using a crap template that was never funny and went dead a week ago