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  1. My grandma use to give me those little booze chocolates. The ones in the shape of the bottle with the appropriate brand foil. Has, for a 5 year old, a mouthful of chocolate and alcohol. Now as an adult I’m for sure a fringe alcoholic. Was it my grandma? Or was it the pandemic? Can’t recall.

  2. Funny story about that.
    When i was like 7 me,my brothers, and my mom were going to a new years eve party.
    For the party my mom got. Gummy bears and covered them in fruit flavored vodka for the adults.

    When i got to the party i didnt know they had vodka so i stole a few….i got addicted and stole the entire bowl. By the end of the night i was running around screaming at the top of my lungs HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

    I dont remember any of this, my brother had told me this