Found on internet

Found on internet

Found on internet

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  1. I’m 34 and have fibromyalgia. This is actually too close to home for me lmfaooo. Im stuck in bed when i should be out enjoying the best years of my life while the crackheads I know growing up in Texas’ Meth Capital are now healthy life style gurus

  2. Yea that place got flooded with
    terriblefacebookmemes. My phone can auto complete it from the / now.

  3. The only thing boomer about this is it’s formatted slightly like a boomer meme and anybody above the age of 30 is considered a boomer by Reddit now

  4. Well, being drug free doesn’t actually mean you’ll end up healthy (just not dead) Plus the crackhead is probably stronger after overcoming her addictions, and probably does a ton of yoga and shit and doesnt lay in bed watching TV because she’s “tired”

    No I’m not being judgy I’m literally just inferring from the only context I have which is the pictures.