It’s the little things

It’s the little things

It’s the little things

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  1. I totally do this, but with coffee. No one I like drinks tea, at least not hot, but I can make a pretty nice coffee.

  2. As a Yorkshire man I was very confused why all you people were talking about drinks/coffee etc, I realise now the post isn’t asking about food, ‘tea’ up here is what we call dinner, I.e breakfast, dinner, tea.

  3. In the first years of our relationship, my boyfriend would consistently offer me a cup of tea whenever I was sad. There would be times that I would cry until there was nothing left.. he would be there to comfort me and without fail would offer me a cup of tea. At first I thought he had some idea that tea would magically improve my mood but I soon realized it was a simple act of love. It was his way of showing love beyond words. Once I realized this, I never refused a cup again.

  4. better call up all the gas men, plumbers, brickies and labourers ive had round the gaff in the last year to tell them i love them.

  5. But if they are unconscious by the time you have made the tea don’t pour it down their throat because (say it with me British people)

    Unconscious people don’t want tea.

  6. Every morning from bed: I watch my bird feeders out our bedroom window, I scroll through reddit, our cat & dog jump in bed and my husband brings me coffee.

    I’m extremely thankful, I wish you all such fortune in life.

  7. My wife was sitting right behind me as I read this, and I immediately asked her if I could make her some tea. “That would be nice” she replied. I left the post on the screen but she never commented on it, so I do not think she noticed, but that wasn’t the point.

  8. This is my boyfriend. He asks me if I want tea every day even though he does not drink it and I also drink it like once a week. He is the sweetest and the most amazing person I have ever met. It has been the best 7 years of my life and our relationship feels like we have been dating for 7 weeks, not years.

  9. It’s funny because I ask my wife every morning if she wants tea and that’s the reason I do it.

  10. I don’t know how you found this picture of my girlfriend, but it’s true. I’m sat here at nearly 11 at night struggling to work on an essay for university that executive dysfunction and O.C.D. have made nearly impossible (…I’m posting on Reddit for a reason, and that reason is brain bad), and she keeps offering to make me tea. She’s the best.

  11. Funny, my ex would get so mad when I’d try to explain that I did things like this out of love. That’s why he’s my ex now.

  12. Heh. That’s how I show love, yeah. Just doing random things for people. My friends get SO many cookies, it’s ridiculous.

    Besides, I like making cookies. It makes the house smell nice. So everybody wins.