I mean I’d like to be invisible too

I mean I’d like to be invisible too

I mean I'd like to be invisible too

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  1. I will never ever be able to look at a woman coughing and not think she looks like she’s getting her beef pipe dosage. But at the same time I’ll be cursed to see men cough and think the same. Excitement and wonder. Guilt and shame.

  2. …. I have never thought of a coughing face like that.. and now the idea will be ingrained in my mind. Sigh.

  3. If only this were true, but the people who say this are the people who also don’t look like them.

  4. You should put john cena’s photo there, like you know it’s his cock cuz he’s invisible

  5. Oh shit I just thought of a banger Idea: you should add John Cena to this meme, as if it were his penis!!!