This actually happened once.

This actually happened once.

This actually happened once.

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  1. Should I be the guy? Ok, I’ll be the guy

    In Brazil people write “Brasil” with an “s”. Iirc that nice lady is from Mexico

  2. I have a little disclaimer: I only added the lowest part. The upper part was posted by u/PrimalSlime

  3. Do people in Brazil even care about the weather actually?

    I mean I’m a girl and even I wouldn’t look at the weather forecast itself and have eyes just on her.

    Edit:thanks for telling me who that is. She is gorgeous!

  4. no one talks about the german one like 10 years ago [with a fucking bread](

  5. After Clark left in Superman 3, the hologram of his father had nothing to do so he went to Denmark to become a Weatherman

  6. Brazillian TV doesn’t spell Brasil with a Z. I believe that’s the mexican TV, but I’m not sure.