Credit to Alzwards for the comic

Credit to Alzwards for the comic

Credit to Alzwards for the comic

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  1. Can confirm. At no point has any owner ever said “Who’s the bestest boi/girl in the whole wide world? YOU ARE!” and been incorrect.

  2. I like to tell everyone who comes to my house and has one or both of my cats cozy up to them for a snuggle, “wow, they don’t usually take to people that quickly! They must really like you!”

    In reality, they are super affectionate and would gladly have a cuddle with a cement pole, if that were all that was available. But it always makes people smile to think they’re a cat whisperer.

  3. NO DOG IS UGLY I REPEAT NO DOGS ARE UGLY and those who think certain dogs are ugly or only certain dogs are cute my friend I have made your reservation to hell

  4. Yo I have been really enjoying your comics. I feel like I only just noticed them but every time I see one I get really excited. Keep up the the great work!

  5. Lmao was just scrolling through political compass memes and thought the colors meant something for a second

  6. Famous quote: everyone thinks they have the best dog… None of them are wrong.

  7. Enthusiastically demonstrating the impossibility of being impartial and accurate while repeatedly using superlatives.