Sad but true

Sad but true

Sad but true

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  1. Haha all the comments are these games that people don’t hate. Ironically, they’re missing the whole message of your meme which is people will always try to do/say the opposite of the norm just because they want to feel different/special. They would rather start useless conflict than be peaceful.

    You played ‘em good.

  2. Yes there is All OG games like GTA San Andreas or GTA 3D Universe and Brick Breaker, Purble Place (if you know this you are a OG)

  3. literally everything in the world has at least one person that hates it. these “memes” are just people stating their opinions as facts, and karmawhoring with it. why the fuck do people keep upvoting these?

  4. I feel that if you find a very specific game that no one outside of the community knows, probably that would be it

  5. Pretty sure nobody hates tetris. And to the people that somehow do, can you give me your home address please? I’d just like to make a friendly visit 🙂