Me in a nutshell

Me in a nutshell

Me in a nutshell

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  1. Don’t worry about it. She was probably resisting for 9.5 hours as well. She may have better optics but is feeling the same .

    And honestly…who has time to play that game. Relationships are already complicated. You don’t need game of silence to further complicate it

  2. Text as you text. Don’t let some invented texting rule tell you what to do. Both parties hurt that way. If that is how she/he texts then so be it. But it is your choice to accept it in the future or not.

  3. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone who does things like not responding to seem cool or busy or whatever.

  4. Just answer when you feel you want to. If you are somewhere else with friends/family or just doing something, do not answer. If she needed immediate answer or it was an emergency she could/should call you.

  5. What, she asked me a question, the fuck am I meant to do, be a bad friend and leave her hanging?

  6. This is very true, she’d answer me the morning and 7 hours later she’ll reply again and I reply instantly. At a day we’d only send 5 messages at most cuz she never replies.

    Why do they do this?

  7. But.. I always respond whenever I see a message, it’s way more polite than to ignore it for hours

  8. Falls in line with the “I refuse to text/talk/call interact with you first” shit. There’s nothing more unattractive to me than someone who feels it’s beneath them to make efforts to communicate with someone they’re interested in. Fuck that lmao. I’m 28, those games got real old even in high school. A grown ass adult acting that way is just bizarre and a neon red flag.

  9. Haha that’s cool anyway I’m really hungry but don’t have any money and I’m out with some friends, can you Venmo me €50 just for drinks? 😣😙😝💪💋

  10. bruh don’t fw that shit, if someone don’t respond in a reasonable amount of time then just don’t respond back

  11. Why has replying immediately become some sort of bad thing??? Doesn’t someone replying immediately show that they want to talk with you?

  12. Bc Joker replies immediately, that’s what he does. What a mad lad.

    Without irony, three days to respond is absolutely reasonable most of the time.

  13. Depends on the context. Not that I would know lmao, No girl has ever done that to me, that’s because no girl has ever talked to me.

  14. Dude, K.I.S.S when it comes to dating and relationships.

    I’m always black and white when it comes to intentions. I gave it my best and gave it my all.

    If it doesn’t work out then it’s fine. No ragrets.

  15. I’m a dumbfuck always on reddit, I always reply fast, just don’t reply as fast as I do, or the conversation gets too dense and i get anxious