Therapy is hard, yo. But I’m glad I took the first step to get better!

Therapy is hard, yo. But I’m glad I took the first step to get better!

Therapy is hard, yo. But I'm glad I took the first step to get better!

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  1. As someone who’s put off therapy for years this is helpful. I still don’t know how to get myself in the door though or what I even open with haha. Like there’s just so much there

  2. Best thing I ever did for myself and my marriage. Keep at it, and do the work. You can do it!

  3. After settling down a bit I have finally started going to therapy…keep it up bro we are gonna make it.

  4. Seeking help is one of the bravest things you can do. Stick with it op, you can do this! It may be painful, but just like working out or getting a tooth pulled, it’s absolutely worth that price. Sometimes healing hurts, but if you stick with it you will be better before you know it! 💙

  5. I love any movie with that dude in it, can’t remember his name.. but that CHIPS movie was awesome with him in it

  6. I’m the guy who says *nice* . But also the one to say “You can do it! I believe in you!” And I seriously mean it.

  7. Nice! I’d started therapy but had to stop when I ran out of money in my HSA, couldn’t afford it :/

  8. Damn. My relationship recently fell apart, but before it did i managed to encourage my ex to call his therapist cause he was having a really hard time. He should be having his first appointment this week and i really hope he’s on the lines of feeling this way too. Miss that man.

  9. Dude, this really hit close to home. I recently discovered some heavy emotional baggage that I had locked away in my head for God knows how long, and pretty much everything you have here resonated with my experience. Sending love your way, and I’m really glad someone else also got to have a healthy experience with confronting the past!

  10. Recently started again and this spoke to me on a level I am almost uncomfortable admitting. Best of luck in your journey op.

  11. Unfortunately, Michael Peña is part of Scientology which disavowes therapy.ña

  12. I’m proud of you. It is hard. It’s dedicating time to understanding yourself, and just like anything worth doing, it takes time and effort.

    Keep it up, you got this.

  13. I had a therapy session yesterday and I can actually, honestly say it was one of the best/most productive therapy sessions of my entire life. I’ve been seeing this therapist for a few months and I really enjoy her style of therapy.

    I went into the session thinking “man, I don’t even know what to talk about today, I don’t have a whole lot going on.” We started off just having a regular conversation, it wasn’t even related to me or my issues. I think it was just talking about therapy, people’s perceptions, what school is like for becoming a therapist, just a whole bunch of stuff. After a while I brought up some of my own personal perceptions and feelings and from there it REALLY took off.

    We talked about how I view “success” in therapy and what the “finish line” looks like. We also got into a lot of other stuff that’s too much to type out, and this is already an essay lol. I just want to share this with you OP because therapy can be kind of easy to drop out of. I’ve done it a lot for one reason or another. Just keep in mind that even if you start having sessions where you don’t know what to talk about, or you think things are starting to improve, that doesn’t mean you should stop. Stick with it until you really get into a good spot. And if you do drop out, don’t be afraid to go back! That’s super common as well, you can always restart if you need it later on. Good luck on your new mental health journey.

  14. Very cool. I want you to think about moderation though. Many therapists just don’t address this. You need to be able to function in daily life. Some therapists will help you undress your onion self until the last second of the session. But now you leave all naked and raw and vulnerable and function is tough.

    Best to always leave some time and work to put your skin back on…a conscious ritual with therapist that you do to help you go back into daily life with more skin intact. You will still feel raw and it’s intense, you are just trying to keep it at a bearable degree.

    Or think of it as a tricky faucet. You only want to open up that faucet as much as your sink can tolerate and you also want to be sure you can close it again. Don’t just turn on a faucet at full force, if you can help it. Or maybe you need to. But then don’t schedule an important work meeting for afterwards.

    Obviously all of this is easier said than done. Depending on your level of awareness you may have very little control of the faucet or onion layers. But if you can try to keep some awareness and talk about it with a skilled therapist, you are more likely to be successful both navigating hard stuff AND still functioning reasonably.

    Hope this helps. Keep swimming. 🙂

  15. I have my first appointment since high school next week. I hope I can make these strides myself.

  16. I’m really intimidated by the old, dark thoughts. Im already pained today, what could my mind have in store for me?