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  1. You should have asked me, there is a very simple surgery that can help you with that. It’s called a nut transplant. It’s where the nurse drains the cum already in your balls and then the doctor adds a valve to the back of your sack so you can add other peoples cum to you balls.

    Now don’t worry if you can have a constant supply of fresh squeezed cum made every day in you house, like I can, the hospital will allow you to subscribe to a monthly delivery service for cum to be brought right to your door. In the Nut Premium version you can get the cum of someone who is very successful, and has a great genetic code. But, if you can’t afford that then you can get the Nut+ model, where the cum is from you wealthy black neighbor down the street. And if you can’t afford that there is the Normal Nut version where the sperm come form the local sperm bank, this version is free because it is used to test weather the sperm donor has AIDS. If you can’t even afford that there is always the Nut Lite version, where the cum is pumped directly from the local raccoons.

    Getting this surgery and any of the subscription models will allow you to go on The Maury Show with confidence that you are not the father.

  2. okay… it seems people don’t know.

    if you as a guy take a pregnancy test and it comes out as positive there is a chance you have testicular cancer.