You should have nice things.

You should have nice things.

You should have nice things.

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  1. I am quitting watching porn for good and also on NoFap, so that I can get my life back and do something good for me, my family and my society. FYI – I was a porn addict and it nearly destroyed my life.

  2. I’ve been having a rough few weeks but I’m working on getting better little by little even if I can’t take care of the big stuff on my own and need to wait for help because of a fundamentally broken healthcare system.

  3. I’m finally getting anti depressants to help treat my PTSD from being a security guard at the Oct 1 Las Vegas Massacre

  4. I have a fascination with dinosaurs even tho I’m 19

    Edit: thank you so much everyone for your kindness very much appreciated

  5. i will turn the tables! you are SO nice for wanting to make peoples day better by doing this kind of thing and i know they appreciate it very much!

    i like to do this too if you cant tell – but i never came up with an idea such as this (which you are very cool for thinking of btw if you did) do you mind if i take it for future use?

  6. I’m an ER nurse. I’ve been assaulted multiple times at work. As have the vast majority of the other nurses and techs I’ve worked with.

  7. I’m in recovery for my mental health. The meds and therapy are starting to work and I haven’t had any suicidal thoughts in a week. I’m also getting a lot better at guitar!

  8. I’m horribly flawed and there’s a lot of qualities about myself I don’t like or wish I could change. But I’ve done a great job with learning to love myself, and I love that about me.

  9. All I want is for those that have a good heart no matter what they’re been through, and/or still going through to stop getting fucked over in life. 💙

  10. A rough year for me.Got transferred which made a huge impact on my studies(more huge than a dinosaur)and im almost failing but tryingy best..

  11. I have what people call “perfect pitch”. I can sing almost any song I’ve ever heard in the correct key by memory, and can use that to figure out what key the song is in, and on most simple songs use that to derive what the chord progression is. I also immediately know if something was recorded in an alternative tuning (something other than A440). It comes in handy when playing gigs

  12. I am one year free of a 5 year abusive marriage. I’m a tad lonely but I have not once missed my ex wife.

  13. I’ve been getting into a lot of arguments lately with weird people at my college, but I got an anonymous letter that said “you’re doing amazing, I’m proud of you, you’re such a lovely person.” Made me cry

  14. I finally told my loved ones that my mental health is not always good and they really helped me! I also discovered some issues I would like to solve