We must’ve ran out of gods

We must’ve ran out of gods

We must've ran out of gods

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  1. You know, these names are as systematical as Minecraft snapshot names, it’s easier to find a snapshot named 20w12a than an update named the Update that Changed the World

    The same logic applies to planet/star names

  2. We didn’t ran out of gods, we ran out of *names*; there are so many stars, exoplanets, asteroids, galaxies, black holes and all this kind of stuff in the night sky that giving everything a cute name is so outside of the realm of possibilities that an area the apparent size of the moon would take out all known names

  3. There are naming conventions for naming stars. Just like the IUPAC naming conventions in chemistry.

  4. That’s stupid cause nowadays there are so much planets scientists discover every day that it’s just impossible to name them with usual names. Also planet names are not randomly generated. I don’t remember whole thing but letters in the begining are signifying size and/or class of planet and numbers in the end showing how many planets this type was discovered before. (I’m bad in english so sorry for mistakes)

  5. They just tryna avoid being cancelled. You know the next planet or moon named after a greek or roman god is gon make someone go –

    >Why don’t you name a planet Yahveh (Jehovah)?

    and then watch the bombs drop.