Yes, you bet.

Yes, you bet.

Yes, you bet.

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  1. Sadly there are college professors who are so high on their own farts that they intentionally make their course extremely difficult for the sole purpose of watching other fail, so they can feel better about being an “expert” in their field.

    Good teachers strive to make sure as many of their students pass as possible by giving them all the tools for success.

    There will always be a handful of people who just can’t do it (especially if we’re talking about difficult subjects) but if year after year you have 70%+ of your students dropping your class, the problem likely lies with you.

  2. God I hated when a professor laid out their expectations like this on day one. Exams usually have trick questions on purpose and they grade harsh as hell. I had a western civilization history professor that was the absolute worst for this type of thing my freshman year.

  3. Normally, professors make you submit work week-by-week.
    But, my college professor makes us submit all the work (all bundled together) at the end of the term. We can’t even resubmit it. How am I supposed to know if I’m doing something wrong?? Even my counselor thought the professor was being ridiculous.

  4. Shouldn’t the texts be the other way around?

    Study hard – the visible front
    Bad teacher – the sinister truthful shadow

  5. Man, fuck professors like this. I got a 4.0 in Calculus 1 & 2. Then had a Calc 3 professor who said exactly this. I went to his office a few times and he “explained” how to do the thing while leaving out huge gaps in the process, as if explaining to someone who’d already mastered the class. Every Friday he laid out 20 or so convoluted calculus problems for weekend homework, taking the time to smile and scan the room at people’s reactions. He obviously took a sadistic joy in crushing people’s passion and determination. I dropped out early with a 1.5, as I knew I’d fail my other classes if I was stressing over that one.

    Word of warning: ALWAYS sit in on a potentially difficult class on the first day of the quarter BEFORE you take the class, in case you need to wait for a different professor. That way you don’t waste money or nullify your grant. Most professors are great, they try hard for their students — but the ones that aren’t can and will wreck your entire college experience.

  6. I have an eastern religion professor like this right now. He knows there aren’t ANY religion majors or philosophy majors in the class. He makes every question on quizzes and exams trick questions, and grades papers as if we’re PhD students mastering the subject. He told the class the majority is failing, and mocks us about it, as if it’s our fault. He also told us he’s not looking forward to reading our term papers and that most will get 20% or below on them lmao The guy is nuckin futs. Sucks to pay so much money and put so much effort into one class just to get a D or God willing a C lol Professors are suppose to be teaching from passion of their area of study, trying to make more people passionate about what they love, but in turn these shit professors just make students never wanna look at the subjects again. It’s a damnnnn shame.

  7. In my college it’s relative grading so the marks your failing and passing are also based on others therefore that just doesn’t happen

  8. This is probably more a grading practices problem than a teaching problem. Students often learn plenty even with bad teachers.

  9. How am I supposed to know if I’m doing something wrong?? Even my counselor thought the professor was being ridiculous.

  10. Calc 1 classes for me where you needed to have the test makers exact definition for what some terms are. Otherwise it was wrong no partial credit. 1 word off and bam. Wrong. Also it was assembly line graded by all of the calc 1 professors so if they didn’t like how you solved a question (such as there are multiple ways to solve it) they can mark it wrong cause college. And there is no recourse.