I never existed

I never existed

I never existed

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  1. It is because you are not a thing; you are a person, and you are special.

    That, and there is nothing worth lewding about you.

  2. Didn’t you get the email? Someone has hacked your phone and has video from your selfie cam of you jacking off to porn on your phone. You exist my friend, you exist.

  3. That’s where you forget about rule 35: “If there is no porn of it, there will be one day”

  4. i Once found that One my ex-friend actually made a r34 drawing on me

    the problem? he’s 13 and i’m fucking 18, and he even admitted to love me Once, this was so messed up, i’m Happy that i’m not friend with that dude anymore

  5. Not true. Think of all that “Ugly bastard” characters in japanese pornography. Think of gimps and cuckolds in porn. There’s something out there for everyone 🙂 the internet is a magical place.

  6. Ok I don’t want to be traumatized so can someone please google if there’s porn of me? My yt channel name is Internet Critic.