I don’t have the privilege

I don’t have the privilege

I don't have the privilege

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  1. You could say there’s a difference between calling a girl a bitch and calling them “your bitch”

  2. I remember in middle school I was talking to a girl who was at the printer at the same time as me. Neither of us like liked each other but we were friends. Well one of the popular kids came by and went, “Hey bitch!” She giggled and ran off with him, which was really confusing to me.

  3. Those are two different girls. The girls who get mad at you for calling them a bitch will usually get mad when anyone calls them a bitch.

  4. Blacks when a black calls them n>!estle!< 🙂

    Blacks when a white calls them n>!estle!< >:(

  5. this isn’t important at all but the dogs face on the right has been my school profile picture for 4 years
    and I just think it’s funny I’m seeing this

  6. Tbh it’s just really good filler, the amount of times I say bitch in my lyrics is borderline tragic

  7. What’s stopping me from calling a bitch a bitch? Like for example “bro my principle gave me a detention WHAT A BITCH”

  8. There’s some whores in this house… There’s some whores in this house… There’s some whores in this house…