But muh freedom

But muh freedom

But muh freedom

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  1. The nazi greeting is illegal in germany because of the shame and in america they do it to bully us

  2. There’s like 60 Americans doing that. They had a rally in Charlottesville and No one turned up. A NATIONAL RALLY!. I had more people at my daughters birthday than the nazis had. Hahahaha. Keep believing the bullshit.

  3. It’s guaranteed freedom of speech and assembly in the US that allows it.

    No matter how wrong, or how big of an asshole your ideals make you, you are free to assemble with other like minded people and chant your way down the street.

    A good thing, that has side effects.

  4. I am from Germany and we actually have an big nazi problem in the police. They’re steeling guns and ammunition, but because we also have nazis in leading positions nothing happens. One of our politicians is denying everything to check this, so … our country is pretty fucked up.

  5. The difference is that in America we’re able to freely discuss Nazism and conclude on our own that it has no merit. In Germany, where freedom of speech has never existed, Nazi conspiracy theories about Jews controlling the government aren’t so easily discredited when they’re the ones whose opinions are being silenced. The more people are free to discuss and consider extreme ideologies, the more people are able to understand that those ideologies are ridiculous and wrong.

  6. In Germany you can be arrested for drawing a swastika. While nazis are disgusting it it troubling that you can get arrested for drawing a symbol

  7. Ppl really be acting like we got neo-Nazis and white supremacists running rampant through our streets…

    We don’t, but go off I guess…

  8. Yes, even hate speech is protected by the 1st Amendment. Like it, don’t like it doesn’t matter. Freedom has unintentional consequences but that’s what freedom for all means.

  9. My comment from another sub that had this posted but never got answered:

    So honest question. Since Nazi symbolism is counted as supporting genocide and all that (at least from what I gathered from the comments). And that is the reason a lot in the comments have said it’s “ok” for people to be fined and go to jail for showing such sympathy.

    What about Soviet and Chinese symbolism? Especially Soviet. Do they fly under the radar or do they also get the same treatment? Or is this just a sore spot for Germany and they don’t want a repeat?

  10. Freedom is the correct word. A man in America is free to be whatever he wants to be, even an idiot.

  11. I’m really impressed with how Germany handled their past after WWII. They took full responsibility for their stuff, apologized, and took measures to make sure it never happens again.

    Meanwhile in America certain small groups of “law enforcers” are still busy learning the lesson that should have been established in the Civil War.

  12. The weird thing is, Karen thinks all germans are Nazis, but in Germany it’s illegal to fly a swastika or even do the nazi salute, while here in the US you literally have people flying Confederate flags, swastikas and sometimes dead ass wearing nazi paraphernalia and doing the nazi salute.

  13. This begs the philosophical question of do we have to limit free speech when it is an evil ideology like fascism or communism???

    People should be free to believe whatever they want to, but when they start spreading venomous ideologies that corrode a nation from within should it be allowed?

  14. So you’re telling me all the U.S. has to do is finally lose a world war and we’ll get rid of our extremists?

  15. Yes as it should be. You must protect speech you hate, since otherwise there is no real freedom of speech. You don’t need to protect speech that is acceptable, since it is already acceptable. You must also consider is arresting them going to reduce their extremism? No it won’t, it will just make it go underground, harder to track, and far more radicalized. It is possible to deradicalize people and get them to change without the use of force. Spoonful of sugar and all that.

  16. I probably will get hate from this

    But that hand signal is easy to do, and is pretty cool. Hate that Nazis ruin it.

  17. I thought you were talking about the cop/army guy in the pic , cuz then you’d be correct. Some of them are known for supplying weapons to Neo Nazis

  18. Why can’t we just rent some space in Mongolia and deport Nazis from all over the world there? Concentrate them all in some good old camps. Oh… I see…