Nature is awesome

Nature is awesome

Nature is awesome

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  1. That’s a tree that’s camouflaged as a bear. Judging by the other comments it worked. Y’all got got

  2. I’m honestly more impressed with the camo on the cat (wouldn’t’ve guessed that) and owl than with the joke, but take my upvote either way

  3. Ok I don’t know if its just me but I can’t see shit on the last pic, I mean there’s a tree but… hmm I don’t know man

  4. The pussy and the owl are pretty visible but why is the third picture just a tree with thicc hands?

  5. The difference is that there’s a cat and a owl, with terrible camouflage, and an animal who i can’t detrimine due to such good camolflauge, which I only know exits because there must be one for the meme.

  6. People confused about the last photo. Look at the outline at the top, definitely an elephant for sure.