Why do i hear boss music?

Why do i hear boss music?

Why do i hear boss music?

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  1. bold of you to assume that this was the last time this will happen for the next 30 years

  2. Normal hand sanitizer is fine. I’ve had some that smelled like someone decided to soak a 5 year old egg in ethanol.

  3. “Oooh what a year that was…”

    *Takes out gun and grenades and starts shooting the zombies*

  4. Normal hand sanitizer? No

    The unholy concoction that they use in my school for some reason? Definitely

  5. Jokes on you..hand sanitizer triggers me and brings me back to getting shots as a child.

  6. Jokes aside, it probably will actually happen to those who had to smell a certain type while they or loved ones were hospitalized for Covid.

    I still get deep dread and flashbacks when I smell a certain type of hand sanitizer from the hospital where my kid was in the NICU.

  7. This makes me realize how many people don’t normally use hand sanitizer, this is why viruses spread so quickly, humans are gross

  8. the regular hand sanitizer is fine…….but the ones that smell like TEQUILA got me all the way messed up

  9. 30 years from now. Wife and I getting ready for Halloween party.

    Wife: you have your mask?

    Me: 0_0

  10. Hello, I am a representative from the black water pirate gang, we are here to steal all the alcohol present in your sanitisers.
    The black water pirates backup captain

  11. Fun fact: Every 20th year of ther last few centuries there was some lethal and dangerous disease

    So yeah await the return of the Plague in 2120

  12. I genuinely get ptsd symptoms from hand sanitiser . Realised this in a shop in Wales when I stupidly anti-bacced my hands then itched my nose through my mask. Took me back to hospital with my stomach full of blood and I just threw up in my mask. Now I use fruity or unscented ones

  13. I actually always had hand sanitizer in my bag so i can wash my hand more easily after eating To-Go food

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