Either way we’re fucked

Either way we’re fucked

Either way we're fucked

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  1. Red pill, bc if Zeus exists every woman in existence is literally fucked. Not to mention literally anything from Japan will kill us all

  2. Red: Mabye die a torture death or mabye enslaved
    Blue: Get eaten by a dragon but you might get to clap some god cheeks

  3. red pill, it is possible that we can defeat those aliens and can also make our technology better but if all the mythological creatures like thor, zeus,shiv, odin,angels demons,giants come to existence we will be screwed

  4. How would you define “Mythological”? Is it something that people really believed existed? Is the cutoff-point last century or two or three centuries ago? Would for example Cthulhu-mythos be part of it?

  5. I understand yall want the mythical creature known as a girlfriend but think about it. You really want the World Serpent to wrap itself around the world? Have an endless pantheon of deities judging your every action?

    At least with the aliens they do butt stuff… I mean have interesting technology…

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