for real, whats wrong with them

for real, whats wrong with them

for real, whats wrong with them

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  1. As a bellow average length Dutch girl, this hurts. Primarily my neck when i want to look people in the face.

  2. I am dutch and 6ft (that’s around 183 centimeters right?) and i actually have a pretty small family. So in my family i am always considered large… Well that is until my nephew walks in. My nephew is large even for dutch standarts even i have to look straight up if i want to talk to him. He is 196 centimeters tall

  3. 5’8 (172 cm) here; on the short side in the Netherlands but rather tall for US standards.

    My (Dutch) husband is on the short side too with his 5’9 (clean on the hook (-;)

    He despises cheese… coïncidence?

  4. i might not be female but i am dutch and never noticed anything weird…. are americans actually small compared to us then?

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